Your Newest Jewelry Accessory

Waistlets are jewelry that you can wear for your waist or belly. They are chains that can dangle and sparkle as you walk or dance. You can wrap them around your waist as much as you would like and let it sit there while you are wearing a midriff or a crop top so your waistlet will be seen by all. Wearing low-rise pants or a swimsuit will allow others to see your newest fashion as well.

The waistlet is a cute accessory and you can try to attach them to your belt loop or belt but they can be worn alone and around your waist or whichever way you would like plus they are not stretchy. You’ll have like six inches of the chain dangling after you wrap it around your waist. You can make them as long or as short as you would like, however you would prefer to wear one.

Most of your waistlets are handcrafted so no two will be the same. They can be made of metal, glass beads, wood, and even silver or gold chains. You can decide how you want your waistlet made. Many colors and shapes are what make each waistlet unique. If you are a full figured woman, this accessory is for you so no need to be thin to wear this jewelry.

Belly dancers would look great wearing them as they shake and shimmy and belly dance along the dance floor as they would add to the sparkle of the room. Once you buy one you’ll want to add more and more to your jewelry collection to wear with most of your clothing.

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