When To Buy A Car Through A Nissan Dealer South Bay

When you first decide to buy a car through a Nissan dealer South Bay, you may be wondering if you are buying a car at the right time of year or if another time would be better. Luckily, there are particular times of the year where it’s better to buy a car than at others and, if you know them, you could save yourself a decent amount of money.

The end of any month, of course, is a better time than the beginning. Why? Simply because every Nissan dealer South Bay has a monthly quota of cars he wants to sell and, if he’s close to the end of the month and still short on his quota, he may just drop the price more to make that fast sale.

Depending on the type of car you buy, the seasons you buy it in are also important. If you’re going for an open-top sports car, buy it in the winter months as the price is lower but, of course, drive it in the summer. If you want an SUV and you plan on using it in a state with a lot of ice and snow, buy it in the summer months and use it in winter.

Finally, buying a car at the end of the year will get you a better price than at the beginning. Again, dealers have quotas, this time an annual one, and they’re desperate to show good sales as the year is coming to a close. Start your shopping trip just before Christmas, as you’ll get a double benefit there. Close to the end of the year, and during the time most people are shopping for holiday gifts and not cars. Imagine the kinds of great deals you can get.
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