Using Digital Signage

The use of digital signs in various locations has really exploded in recent years as the technology involved gets cheaper meaning it is much more economically viable. They have really brought advertising into the modern era so here is some general information on digital signage solutions.

First of all they do involve the use of mainly quite small digital screens which can portray a series of adverts of particular brands or to get a particular message across. The size of the screen can vary depending on the location and the impact the advertiser wishes to have.

What they are very good for is delivering an extremely targeted advertising message at set times and they are seen as being out of house advertising methods due to how they are controlled. They are also very easy to change due to how they are connected meaning it can all be done remotely.

You are actually more aware of digital signage solutions than you are perhaps aware as it can also include screens which display customer information. An example is the arrivals or departure board at airports as they use a digital screen in order to keep you informed as to what is going on.

They can also be used in order to make the overall customer experience in a store much more pleasant. They can do this by basically giving you something to see while you are waiting in a queue. This can often be some message coming from the bank you are currently standing in as an example which does mean you do not feel as if you have been waiting that long due to having been distracted.

But the main thing is the advertising feature of the digital screen. They are much more fluid adverts to have rather than the poster and people are more attracted to the moving image than that which is static. It can therefore give you a much better return on your investment should you use it to advertise on.

Some companies use this form of advertising to combine several of the formats mentioned above. A pharmacist can use their screens on their counters to give you some general medical advice about allergies then the information message can end by telling you about a particular product that can be used to deal with it.

So digital signage has had a real impact on advertising and how information is displayed to the public. They are easier to change and can provide the company with a better return on their advertising budget. Their numbers shall continue to increase as the cost of the technology keeps on coming down.

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