Before children enter the school system, they must be tested for basic skills. They need to be able to follow directions and have the maturity to enter kindergarten. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old should be preparing to enter school. A good way to know they are prepared is to start them in preschool.

Preschool is used to help kids prepare for an academic setting. They will start to learn their shapes. Being able to differentiate between circles and squares is a basic skill. They may not have it learned before kindergarten, but they do know there is a difference in the shapes. Children also start to learn their primary colors. They need to know their names, their parent’s names and where they live. These skills can be started at home as well. The child should get accustomed to a casual class setting before entering a structured classroom.

Most children learn a lot of their skills from their parents. Educating a child should begin at home, but there comes a point where they will enter the school system whether that is public or private. They will be tested by a school official before being allowed to enter. Officials do and, in fact, have turned children away asking that they wait one more year before entering kindergarten. Those that are allowed to enter when they are not quite ready might even be held back. Unfortunately, this is seen often and can hurt the child when he or she sees classmates advancing. More info: Preschool Brooklyn

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