Other Uses For A Warehouse

An organization often buys or leases a warehouse only to find out that they have more space than they otherwise need to run their operations. A larger warehouse often has higher overhead and labor costs that may limit a companies ability to maintain operations. Reducing these overhead costs was in fact part of the impetus for the just-in-time inventory system that was imported from Japan. There are many benefits for reducing these warehouse costs by adopting a smaller space, but if this cannot be done due to a lease contract, prohibitive space limitations in your operating locale, or a future expansion, then consider the following recommendations to improve your cash flow from your warehouse.

As a result, there are several things that they can do to gain some revenue from your warehouse. One option is to sub-lease out a portion of your warehouse to a third party. This adds revenue to your business that can offset a portion of your expenses. If you don’t want a third party operating out of your warehou More info: Warehouse Seattle

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