Hosting A Gold Party

One of the latest home party plans that people are taking advantage of are sending the guests home with money. This is a drastic change, as in the past people would be invited to come to your home and purchase a product and help you earn free products. The way that both the hostess and the guests are becoming winners is by attending a Gold party.

A gold party is set up in the same way that a traditional home party is set up, except you invite your friends to bring thier unwanted gold jewelry with them. The consultant will weigh the jewelry out and make an offer to purchase it from the person who owns the gold. The hostess will usually receive a cash bonus on all the gold that is purchased from the party in addition to any that he or she may have earned with selling their own jewelry.

There are many consultants that offer this service and you can usually find a listing in the local newpaper. You would then call them to set up a date to hose the party and go over any instructions that they may give you. More info: Gold party California

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