Functional Shutters Designed To Protect Windows

There are some homes located in regions which receive very severe storms. The people who own these houses will often invest in purchasing some good quality shutters for the outside of their windows. The stores selling Houston shutters will carry products designed to be both functional and decorative. Most decorative shutters are created as non-functional items which simply attach to the exterior wall as ornamentation. The functional shutters have the ability to actually move so they can be pulled over the glass surface of a window to protect it.

The types of functional shutters people can purchase include those made of vinyl, wood and metal. The standard style was always designed as a hinged shutter which the homeowner would pull forward in a rotating motion to draw the shutter from the side of the window to the front. This method required the homeowner to be outside in order to close the shutter over the glass portion of the window. In recent years some new styles of shutters have been introduced into the market.

The new shutters are designed to roll along a track which is placed at the top and bottom of the window frame. This design allows the homeowner to access the shutter from inside the house as well as outside the house. This new design allows homeowners to easily pull their shutters across their windows in the midst of a storm without having to go outside. The new design is simple enough for even a child to operate during a severe storm. More info: houston shutters

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