A Truly American Meal

Fry bread is seemingly one of the easiest foods that one can make. You can over simplify by calling it fried dough, however that would be about as sufficient as calling bread baked dough. People that have made fry bread over the years are quick to point out that it’s one of the most versatile foods in the American pallet. It’s popular amongst Native Americans because of the history that fry bread has in the Native American experience. It’s also gone under the name of elephant ears in county fairs and festivals and is a perfect food to mix with other ethic recipes for a very neutral base on which to build a tasty and relatively easy meal.

The dough is made with a consistency between pancake dough, rather wet, and bread dough, rather dry. It is often sweetened with sugar, sometimes corn syrup. In these cases it is dressed with butter, regular or powdered sugar, cinnamon, icing or jellies. It can be cooked to a light or golden brown and makes for a filling morning meal or afternoon snack.

The overall versatility of this food allows for several dinner type options. With a little less sugar the initial fry bread becomes a lunch or dinner and allows for many toppings that in some cases may remind you of a pizza. With a Mexican food ensemble your meal can resemble an oversized tostada or even a taco salad. Italian style dishes are also available when you use a tomato based sauce like marinara along with other vegetable and meat toppings.
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